Die Schlittschuhläufer op.183 für Schulorchester
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Die Schlittschuhläufer op.183 für Schulorchester Emile Waldteufel / Arr. Alfred Pfortner

Skaters Waltz
Rote Reihe
Ausgaben für Sinfonieorchester / für Schulorchester / Orchestra

Notes about the Editions for School and Amateur Orchestra:

• Most of the pieces have been shortened and adapted to suit young orchestras.
• Full score supplied to most arrangements.
• All parts are provided with bar numbers to make rehearsals easier.
• Metronome suggestions are merely guidelines.
• All pieces are also playable in smaller groups. (such as violin and piano).
• If French horns and violas are available the pieces do not need a piano accompaniment.
• String Parts are shown with bowings and partially with fingerrings.
• The parts for 1st Violin extend as far as the third position. Only in a few individual cases they range as far as 5th position and in such cases these notes are always given in the lower octave, too
• The 2nd Violin parts usually remain in the 1st Position. Whenever they go up to the 3rd position the notes arealso provided in the lover octacve.
• The parts for Cello which were usually in the tenor clef, have been written in bass clef.
• For woodwind and brass parts special attention has been paid to using a range suitable for students and amateurs.
• The parts for A-Clarinets are often easier and more pleasant to play in many pieces. However parts for Bb-Clarinets are included for each piece.
• For Bassoon and Trombones original tenor or alto clef parts have been transposed to bass clef.
• Piano parts can be played by the Teacher or an advanced Student.

Besetzungsliste / Instrumentation:

Partitur / Score
Klavier / Piano
1. Violine / 1st Violin (4x)
2. Violine / 2nd Violin (4x)
3. Violine / 3rd Violin (4x)
Viola (2x)
Cello (3x)
Bass (2x)
1. Flöte / 1st Flute
2. Flöte / 2nd Flute
1. Klarinette in B / 1st Bb Clarinet (2x)
2. Klarinette in B / 2nd Bb Clarinet (2x)
Fagott / Bassoon
1. Horn in F / 1st F Horn
2. Horn in F / 2nd F Horn
1. Horn in B (Trompete) / 1st Bb Horn (Trumpet)
2. Horn in B (Trompete) / 2nd Bb Horn (Trumpet)
1. Trompete in B / 1st Bb Trumpet
2. Trompete in B / 2nd Bb Trumpet
Posaune in C / C Trombone BC (2x)
Posaune in B / Bb Trombone TC

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Duration:6:15 min
publisher id:SIEB 27018
Composer:Emile Waldteufel
Arranger:Alfred Pfortner
Publisher:Musikverlag Joh. Siebenhüner
Instrumentation:Orchester / Sinfonieorchester / Orchestra / Full Orchestra


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